MATHCOUNTS Chapter Selection

General Information

Highest scoring mathletes in lesson and test track, regardless of their group placement, are selected to represent Redwood Middle School in the MATHCOUNTS Chapter competition as either Team Members or as Individuals based on the following process:

  • Out of the students with the highest 15 indexes, 12 are selected. These 12 individuals must commit to practicing for MATHCOUNTS Chapter throughout the entirety of Christmas vacation (excluding holidays). If a student cannot commit, he or she must forfeit his or her spot to the next-best candidate.

  • Throughout winter practices, the 12 individuals will be observed with no bias given toward any previous scores. They are divided into the four team members, six individuals, and two alternates strictly according to the coaches' and adviser's discretion based on practice performance and teamwork capability.

Extracurricular Participation

Results outside contests (Mathleague, Berkeley Mini Math Tournament, etc) are used as an extra data points in making more informed decisions. However, they are not included in the computation of the index.


The higher a student scores with respect to the black group average, the higher their index will be. Specifically:


  • k_test = 6, 2, 3, 6 for AMC 8, HS CaML, Selection Exams, and Mathcounts School round respectively,

  • score_test = the student's score for that test

  • µ_test = the mean black group score on that test, and

  • σ_test = the standard deviation of black group scores on that test.