Lesson Track

Redwood students are placed into different teams based on their math experience:

Black Group consists of extremely advanced students that have participated in math competitions at the highest level. Topics will be focused on advanced high school topics and competitions such as AIME and USAJMO.

Blue Group consists of advanced students who have some past experience with math contests, and are comfortable with middle school math contests. We will focus more on fundamental competition topics and difficult high school topics.

Green and Yellow Groups are for intermediate students who are interested in contest math but still have a lot to learn. These two groups are reserved for seventh and sixth graders respectively.

Moving Between Groups

It is possible for students to move between groups! Coaches pay particular attention to not only students' competition performance but also, more importantly, students' behaviors, including their constructive contributions to the classroom environment. All movements between groups are approved by both the coaches and the adviser.

Test-Only Track

Students can participate in the following competitions: AMC 8, Math Olympiad, and MS CaML. To participate in MathLeague, students must individually pay $60; we will manage team formation.