Results 2009-10

52nd Santa Clara University Math Contest – Regional (November 14, 2009)

HONORABLE MENTION: Angeline Lee, Brian Wai, Rolland Wu, and Alissa Zhang

NOTE: regional, 355 students from 35 schools participated, students receiving honorable mention or higher all received perfect score of 10. ranking is decided by the tie breaker question, which often is an explanation or proof of the last question.

SCVMA Senior Olympiad – Regional (December 2010)

Rolland Wu - 10th place in division 1

Bay Area Mathematics Olympiad – Regional (February 23, 2009)

Found the packet!!! Joshua Zucker will grade it and let us know.

Stanford Mathematics Tournament – Regional (February 28, 2009)

Placed 3rd as a team. Nice going.

Full result can be found here.

NOTE: AAST (New Jersey) placed 1st place and Mission San Jose placed 2nd. SMU appears to be no longer simply regional as there were teams that came from as far away as China.

Mandelbrot – Regional/National (March 4, 2009)

Place 1st with 209 points in Western Region of USA.

Next year, we're going strictly National Level.

APMO (invitation only)

Participants: Albert Gu, Brian Wai.

Santa Clara Valley Mathematics Association Field Day – Regional (April 10, 2010)

Algebra 1: no representation

Geometry: no placement

Open: Evan Ye-11th, Amanda Chow-1st

Calculus: Alissa Zhang-11th

Leap Frog: Angline Lee & Amol Aggarwal-1st

Discovery: Albert Gu-5h

Saratoga HS placed 7th.

NOTE: We lost quite a bit of contestants to a school field trip over the break. ;-(

Algebra 1: Allen Shen-15th, Kristine Zhang-13th, Sean Shi-6th

Geometry: Matt Lee-9th

Algebra 2: no representation

MS Leap Frog: Brendan Ney & Nathan Ney-9th, Edgar Chen & Land Chow - 5th

Redwood Middle Schol placed 5th as a team.


Math Counts

Chapter Results:

Team placed 5th in Santa Clara Chapter.

State Results:

Redwood placed 6th in North California. Team members are Edgar Chen, Jeffrey Chen, Matt Lee, and Landon Chow.

For individual results, Edgar Chen place 6th, Matt Lee placed 20th, and Landon Chow placed 24th.

Click here for more detailed 2010 Stanford University Competition.

AMC-10A – National (February 9, 2010)

AIME Qualifiers: Amanda Chow 144, Jacqueline Gu 132, Sankash Shankar 132, Kevin Garbe 124.5, Edward Dong 123, Evan Ye 121.5, David Eng 120

AMC-12A – National (February 9, 2010)

AIME Qualifiers: Albert Gu 129, Darren Sun 121.5, Amol Aggarwal 115.5, Kenneth Song 115.5, Brian Wai 112.5, Rolland Wu 112.5, Alissa Zhang 111, Angeline Lee 109.5, David Zeng 109.5, Logan Short 97.5, David Wang 96, Ashwin Siripurapu 88.5

AMC-10B – National (February 24, 2010)

AIME Qualifer: Kevin Garbe 120, Justin Chiang 120, Edward Dong 120

AMC-12B – National (February 24, 2010)

AIME Qualifer: David Wang 112.5, Rolland Wu 112.5, Brian Wai 112.5, Albert Gu 111, Alissa Zhang 106.5, Amol Aggarwal 106.5, Kevin Mu 100.5, David Zeng 99, Amanda Chow 97.5, Landon Chow 90, Brandon Lin 88.5

NOTE: There are total of 21 AIME Qualifiers from Saratoga High School.

AIME-1 – National (March 16, 2010)

Following students are one of 277 2010 USAMO Qualifiers from USA and Canada.

Amol Aggarwal - 11th (3-time qualifier)

Gu, Albert - 11th (4-time qualifier)

Wai, Brian - 10th (3-time qualifier)

Zeng, David - 11th (4-time qualifier)

Zhang, Alissa - 10th (4-time qualifier)

Following students are one of 228 2010 USAJMO Qualifiers from USA and Canda.

Amanda Chow - 9th (1st time qualifier)

Edward Dong - 9th (1st time qualifier)

Landon Chow - 7th (1st time qualifier)

USA Mathematics Olympiad (April 27&28, 2010)

Albert Gu and Brian Wai have been invited to MOSP

USA Junior Mathematics Olympiad (April 27&28, 2010)


Congratulations to Albert Gu on winning an Honorable Mention in Romania Masters in MATH for USA, which placed 3rd behind Russian and China.