TJMC Placement Decisions

Post date: Sep 17, 2016 6:52:11 PM

We are pleased to announce the cumulative results of this year’s selection process. Scores from both tests were considered when placing students into the team we felt would best supplement their learning. As a reference, the median score for the first placement test was 9 correct answers, and the median score for the second placement test was 8 correct answers.

This year’s TJMC consists of 4 teams (Black, Blue, Green 6, and Green 7), with Green 6 for 6th graders and Green 7 for 7th graders. Black Team is designed for experienced students who are adept at solving entry level high school contest problems. Blue Team consists of students who have some experience in math competitions. Green Team is focused on providing the best experience for students who are just starting with math contests.

Unfortunately, due to various constraints, we were unable to offer a spot to all students, including many who showed promise. We encourage all students to increase their experience in math competitions, and ultimately take the placement tests again next year. All students can sign up for the test-only track, which allows them to participate in the math competitions proctored by TJMC throughout the year. The test-only track does not give the student access to course materials from the groups. Please note that the number of test only spots is limited and will be filled by time registered.

One of our goals at TJMC is to develop a safe environment for students of all experience levels. We ask that you refrain from discussing scores on the placement test with others.

With that said, we look forward to an exciting year! The list of students by team is as follows: