2015-16 Placement

2015-16 Placement Test

2015-16 Placement Test answers

Of the 198 students who registered, 174 students took the 2015-16 Redwood Math Club Placement Test. Sixty students were admitted to the math club.

Of the students accepted into the program, the first quartile score is 7, the second quartile score is 11, the third quartile score is 15, and the highest score is 27. To ensure some level of privacy among students, we will not release more detailed statistics. In addition, graded tests will not be handed back and individual scores will not be released.

We created an additional group to better organize by student learning needs. We basically split last year's green into green and yellow. As before, green (and yellow this year) is reserved for 6th and 7th grade students.

Based on study session performances and attitude towards learning, students can move between groups. The move is based on student's performance as indicated by index score as well as coaches' recommendation(s). The final decision is made by me. Please understand that I will not respond to parent/student request to move to a higher level group.

Parent coordinator will contact the parents of qualified students with further information. Students who did not make the Redwood Middle School Math Club roster can opt to sign up for test-only track.