2014-15 Redwood Math Club Registration Open

Post date: Aug 18, 2014 3:46:22 AM

Please visit Redwood MS for details about Redwood MS Math Club.

Placement Test

SHS Math Club prepares the Redwood Math Club Placement Test every year. For next year (2014-15), we will modify the format of the Redwood Math Club Placement Test. In addition to the usual short answer questions, we will be adding a small number of free response questions to test student's basic skills in algebra.

The Placement Test will also be comprised of questions of difficulty similar to that of Math Olympiad for Elementary and Middle School, MS & HS CaML, Regional Mandelbrot, AMC-8 and -10, and include some questions from AIME. You can obtain past contests of AMC-8, -10, and AIME from artofproblemsolving.com web-site.