2013-14 Placement

2013-14 Placement Test

2013-14 Placement Test answers

Of the 202 students who took the 30-question placement exam, ninety-eight students will be accepted into the Redwood MS Math Club. Of the students accepted into the program, the first quartile score is 6, the second quartile score is 7, the third quartile score is 10, and the highest score is 28. To ensure some level of privacy among students, we will not release more detailed statistics. In addition, graded tests will not be handed back and individual scores will not be released.

Please note that this is only an initial placement and depending on the performance throughout the program, students can (and will) be moved into different groups. Students are listed alphabetically by last name within each group. We look forward to coaching you guys starting September 17th; congratulations to all the students!

Note: Due to the size of Green Team, there will be three separate Green Team classes for the sake of management. We purposely did not separate them into different colors to emphasize that they're all the same team.