2012-13 Mandelbrot Rd 1 Results

Post date: Nov 16, 2012 2:51:39 AM

In National School Standing, Saratoga HS is ranked 10th. Individual standouts are Sean Shi and Celine Liang were listed in the leader board for National Individual Standing.

In Redwood Regional School Standing , Saratoga HS is ranked 7th, and Redwood MS is ranked 15th. The individual standouts are Kevin Chiang, Kristine Zhang, Dorrie Tang, and Landon Chow. Mayank Pandey is the sole Redwood MS listed in the leader board for Redwood Regional Individual Standing. There were 5 more Redwood students listed among second tier individual listing.

Here are some breakdown for Redwood Middle School.

Black Group: High Score=11, Median Score=7.5, Low Score=1

Blue Group: High Score= 4, Median Score=1, Low Score=0.

(This statistics is based on the result BEFORE the last movement of the group)

You may download the questions and solutions for Round 1 below.