2011 MS CAML

Post date: Feb 23, 2011 7:24:20 PM

Dear parents,

The CAML test results for Redwood are as follows:

With a full score 35,

6th grade: total # students participating: 25, average score: 27.3

top 5 students: Karena Chow , Keshav Narayan, Daniel Liu , Katherine Sun , and Mayank Pandey

7th grade: total # students participating: 24, average score: 28.0

top 6 students: Sean Shi , Kristine Zhang , Brendan Ney , Allen Shen, Alexander Li, and Nathan Ney

8th grade: total # students participating: 20. average score: 27.8

top 6 students: Max Chang , Kevin Chiang, Andrew Low , Landon Chow , Calvin Shih, and Cary Xiao.

The test paper will be returned to each student next Tuesday during the math club class. In 4 to 5 weeks, final contest results for all the schools participating in this event will be posted at www.mathleague.com. You may go to that website for details of the test results.

Janie Chiang & Jennfer Zhang

Redwood math club