2010-2011 SCVMA Field Day Results

Post date: Apr 15, 2011 6:06:07 PM

Redwood Middle School results:

Algebra 1: 3rd place - Allen Shen

6th place - Nathan Ney

11th place - Rishi Veerapanen

Geometry: 2nd place - Kevin Chiang

Leapfrog: 3rd place - Landon Chow & Sean Shi

4th place - Brendan Ney & Kristine Zhang

Overall: Redwood placed 2nd overall out of 10 middle schools. Miller took 1st and Horner took 3rd.

Saratoga High School results:

Algebra 2: 9th place - Jeffrey Chen

11th place - Priyanka Krishnamurthi

Open: 5th place - Edward Dong

8th place - Kevin Garbe

10th place - Edgar Chen

Statistics: 10th place - Alissa Zhang

14th place - Amanda Chow

Calculus: 8th place - Evan Ye

14th place - Justin Chiang

Leapfrog: 1st place - Amol Aggarwal & David Zeng

Discovery: 1st place - Brian Wai

Overall: Saratoga placed 4th overall out of 15 high schools. Lynbrook took 1st, Palo Alto took 2nd, and Gunn took 3rd.