2016-17 Placement

Placement Test 1

Placement Test 2

Placement Test 1 Answers

Placement Test 2 Answers

The 2016-2017 Year had 2 placement tests, based on scores from both tests, students were placed into either Blue, Green 7 (7th Graders Only), or Green 6 (6th Graders only).

Problems and Answers are attached for both Tests.

2016-2017 Calendar


27th Tuesday First session, followed by parent informational meeting


11th Tuesday Jr. ASMA 1

18th Tuesday HS CaML 1


8th Tuesday Jr. ASMA 2

15th Tuesday AMC 8

22th Tuesday Math Olympiad 1

29th Tuesday HS CaML 2


6th Tuesday School Mathcounts, Jr. ASMA 3

13th Tuesday HS CaML 3

20th Tuesday Math Olympiad 2


10th Tuesday HS CaML 4, Jr. ASMA 4

17th Tuesday Math Olympiad 3


7nd Tuesday AMC 10A

14th Tuesday HS CaML 5, Jr. ASMA 5

15th Wednesday AMC 10B

28th Tuesday MS CaML, Math Olympiad 4


7th Tuesday Jr. ASMA 6

14th Tuesday Math Olympiad 5, HS CaML 6

21th Tuesday Year end party