Toga Junior Math Club

Canvas invitations have been sent to all registered students. Please accept the invitation as soon as possible. If you did not receive one, contact us immediately so you can participate in the placement tests. If you are having trouble, please refer to this document.

Registration for the 2020-2021 TJMC Placement Test is now open here!

Lesson track lecture notes can be found here.

When: Tuesdays, 7pm-8:30pm (September 2020 to March of 2021)

Where: Check Canvas

Math Club Team Grouping

Redwood students are placed into different teams based on their math experience:

Black Team consists of extremely advanced students that have participated in math competitions at the highest level. Topics will be focused on advanced high school topics and competitions such as AIME and USAJMO.

Blue Team consists of advanced students who have some past experience with math contests, and are comfortable with middle school math contests. We will focus more on fundamental competition topics and some harder high school topics.

Green and Yellow Team are for intermediate students who are interested in contest math but still have a lot to learn. These two teams are reserved for seventh and sixth graders respectively.

Mathcounts Team and Individual Qualification

Highest scoring mathletes in lesson and test track, regardless of their team placement, will be chosen to represent Redwood Middle School as either Team Members or as Individuals based off of a two part selection process. First, the top 12 individuals will be selected based purely off of their performance on the AMC 8, HS CaML* (the first three), Selection Exams, and the Mathcounts School round. Indexes will be created and assigned according to the following formula:


ktest = 6, 2, 3, 6 for AMC 8, HS CaML, Selection Exams, and Mathcounts School round respectively,

scoretest = the student's score for that test

µtest = the mean black team score on that test, and

σtest = the standard deviation of black team scores on that test.

In other words, the higher a student is from the average, the higher their index will be, with each test being weighed equally in total.

Out of the students with the highest 15 indexes, 12 will then be selected, with ties broken by the HS CaML tests*. These 12 individuals must commit to practicing throughout the entirety of their Christmas vacation. If a student cannot commit, he or she must forfeit his or her spot to the next best candidate.

Throughout these practices, the 12 individuals will be observed with no bias given towards previous scores or even the cumulative index that distinguished them. They will be divided into the four team members, six individuals, and two alternates strictly according to the adviser's discretion based off of practice performance AND teamwork capability.

Making decisions

All decisions regarding placement of students and curriculum of Toga Junior Math Club math club are strictly made by the high school coaches and ultimately okayed by the club adviser. All placement decisions are initiated by the coaches and the advisor.

Other Factors

In very few occasions, we do use our judgement for students in the gray area. In these cases, all coaches are given the names of the student that are in the bubble so that they can pay particular attention for students' behavior, constructive role, and other intangibles in the class. Some students in the bubble can be promoted based on an individual coach's recommendation followed by confirmation from remaining coaches who have had the chance to observe the said student in comparison to the rest of the students in the bubble and the entire classroom. Once the agreement is reached, I give the final okay only after I feel comfortable with the reasons for promotion.

Outside Contests

Classroom learning behavior, constructive participation, and the results outside contests (Mathleague, Berkeley Mini Math Tournament , and others) are used as an extra data points in making the decision. Because these are voluntary contest that not all students take, the results from the outside voluntary contests will NOT be used directly to rank students. Once again, cumulative scores are used to identify the possible candidates for movement between the group. High school coaches and I use these information as extra data points to help us in making an informed decision, but are not used directly in the cumulative score.

Transparency vs Privacy

While some may wish for us to publish the full results of individual scores, this will not happen as I need to balance the privacy of individual students.

Frequently Asked Questions new!!

Who is eligible to take placement test?

Any registered Redwood Middle School student (6th, 7th, and 8th) wanting to join the Toga Junior Math Club.

What does the Placement Test cover?

Since math club is designed for self motivated students, the student must be familiar with all appropriate contest material, including Algebra and Geometry. Some questions will require a justification to the answer.

The Placement Test will also be comprised of questions of difficulty similar to that of Math Olympiad for Elementary and Middle School, MS & HS CaML, AMC-8 and -10, and include some questions from AIME. You can obtain past contests of AMC-8, -10, and AIME from web-site.

Where can I find study materials?

The Internet. AMC-8, AMC-10, AIME, JMO, and other Olympiad materials can be found in Art of Problem Solving web-site. Math Olympiad materials can be found by visiting You can find many contests and their solution floating out there.

Can I get a copy of the previous placement exam?

We'll provide to those who register for the placement exam.

When is the placement test given?

Usually on the last Tuesday of August or the first Tuesday of September after school. Testing site will be announced. Registration placement is announced near the end of Semester 2.

What should I bring to the placement test?

Please bring multiple pencils, erasers, straight edge, and a wrist watch (without a calculator). Bring your own facial tissue if you have the sniffles. No electronic device will be permitted. Scratch paper will be provided.

What should I do if I need help during the placement test, or test in general?

Sorry, but proctors can't do the problems for you. Proctors cannot answer any question about the specifics of any test problems. If you're bothered by disruptive behavior by another student, please simply get proctors attention.

Focus strictly on your test.

How do the two placement tests work?

Since the 2016-2017 school year, TJMC has been offering two placement tests. The first placement test is required for all students intereseted in TJMC, and participation is mandatory. The second placement test is a for subset of the first placement test takers that we feel we need to evaluate further. If you take the first placement test, and are invited to take the second, please come. Otherwise, do not go to the second placement test. Students will be notified whether or not they have to take the second placement test after grading of the first test is completed.

What if I get sick or otherwise cannot come to the placement test? Is there a makeup placement test?

No. There are two placement tests, but the second placement test is not a makeup for the first placement test. If a student does not make it to the first placement test, they will not be eligible to TJMC. Students who are required to attend the second placement test and who do not make it suffer the same consequence.

How do I know if I qualify for the math club?

We will post the result on this web-page about a week after the placement test.

How are qualifying scores determined?

Blue group is determined strictly by the placement score from highest to the lowest from 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Then, Green (and Yellow) group is chosen from best scores from remaining 6th and 7th graders.

What do I do once I register for the math club?

Parents can register their mathlete(s) through LGS Recreation once we forward the list of eligible students to LGS Recreation.

How will I be notified of the contest results during the school year?

Contest Results will be emailed out periodically, as well as progress reports written by head coaches.

Is the initial team placement permanent?

No. After the initial placement, mathletes can be moved to different team based on subsequent performance on contests, selection tests, and the quality of your performance math club lessons. Your parents will be notified by a parent coordinator after Mr Yim makes the decision. Mr. Yim will not respond to any request to change to higher level team.

What do I do if I don't qualify for Toga Junior math club, but am still interested in doing math contests?

You can sign up for test-only option. The space is limited. Test-only students are allowed to take AMC-8, School MATHCOUNTS, Math Olympiad, and MS CaML.